I Wait For The Lord And Put My Hope In Him

When we pray in faith, trusting and believing God’s power is released into our circumstances. Boy that’s what we all need these days, isn’t it? God’s Power!

Right now I’m down in Panama City, Florida, my grandmother isn’t doing well. When I look at how the disease has progressed and changes it has made in her mind and body it breaks my heart. But I have to remember I need to try and do what’s best for her, not necessarily what “others” may like. Some choose to hold onto things that at this stage doesn’t even matter and just does more harm than good (Thanks Claudia, my cousin…she can be my voice of reason. Love you)

Moma was extremely angry and very much out of control when I got there yesterday but once she and I were alone I prayed over her, I put on worship music and we just talked a bunch Off and on, making sure her needs were met. It was amazing to me how the atmosphere in that cold, scary room changed. God is so good.

It wasn’t about me, it’s the presence of God being invited in and allowing Him to do what NO ONE could do. When we invite him in things change, miracles happen! But if we allow all the past hurst, bad memories, terrible words spoken to penetrate our hearts and unforgiveness to take root Holy Spirit can’t do what needs to be done

So I’m Expectant! I don’t know what that looks like in this case but I know I serve a Good Good Father who loves us and wants what is best for us. He loves my Moma and wants healing and restoration above all else.

Expectancy means anticipation, eagerness, excitement; a feeling that something is going to happen. It’s the power of hope!  May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope) (AMPC). Romans 15:13

I love what Joyce Meyer says:

“Hope is powerful!

Hope is more than a motivational thought or a fading daydream—hope is a nothing-is-impossible-with-God firestorm refusing to be quenched. It’s an awareness that God is actually expecting, looking and longing to show you His goodness.   

Hope is what stabilizes your frantic thoughts and emotions—it’s an awareness that there is no problem big enough to keep God from rescuing you.”

Faith reaches out into the spiritual realm and expects God’s supernatural power to show up and do what NO ONE else could EVER do!!!

With being expectant, having faith and hope….there’s also FORGIVENESS.

Releasing someone who has hurt you intentionally or unintentionally is so crucial for our own self and well being. We don’t do it for the other person, we do it for ourselves.

See my friend we can hold on to an offense or MANY OFFENSES, and blame others allllll day long but all your doing when you hold onto bitterness, resentments and unforgiveness……it’s like Taking Poison And Waiting For The Other Person To Die Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Today I choose to be filled with faith, filled with Hope, and filled with love from my Heavenly Father who wants good things for us. He wants us to walk in a spirit of restoration, being peacemakers to those around us who don’t know how or just can’t.

Expect something great to happen in your life sweet friend and pray BIG BOLD PRAYERS, because He sees each tear and He hears us from heaven, Amen!

Here are some pictures of my grandmother she is so beautiful and man she’s a fireball, lol😂 Please pray for her and the family.

Love and hugs,


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