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Tribute to Gus

Hey y’all! Just a few days ago we unexpectedly lost a very precious member of our family, Gus. The last year has been tough on him. He had been battling an autoimmune condition called pemphigus and then we found out he had lymphoma a week or 2 ago. Our hearts are beyond broken.

Little Gus man brought so much happiness and joy to our family. He was such a lover, always demanding attention. If you stopped petting him he would take his paw and hit you with it repeatedly to say “Hey you human, pet me some more.” LOL🤣

Me and Gussy had a special relationship, see I was G’mama and you know grandma gives all the loves, snuggles, and treats. Not a whole hot dog, lol, but little bites, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner plates he loved so much. Special bakery dog treats and cakes cus that’s how G’mama rolls.

I will miss the times when I would call or text Kayla and say “Gus told me he wanted a sleepover” and she would laugh and say ‘he told you that?’ Then I would go get him and it would turn into a 3 night sleepover lol. Those were the best. When it was time for bed he liked to snuggle right up in left arm and snore in my ear….not just any snore though….he had that loud bulldog snore😳 So between him and my hubby it would be an ear plug night but the best night🤣🙉

I will miss when he would come over and him runny up my stairs to greet us so excited and wiggling his little butt. He was so stinkin’ cute. He would greet me with a love nip to my chin lol. You had to watch him with that, he could leave you with a battle scar. He just loved chins for some crazy reason 🤣😘

That boy loved to lay on his back and scoot right up on you. He would lay there forever.

Gus was so gentle with the littles too, I swear he had the patience of Job. He would let them do whatever they wanted to him and he loved it.

Gus man, we miss you terribly. G’mama loves you SOOOO much. You blessed us and brought us so much joy. I know you are in heaven now and no more suffering. I’m so thankful you had a welcoming party waiting for you. Baby, Dixie, and Zeus, they were happy to see you. I know Zeus was glad to finally meet you. We will see you again little man, until then just like G’mama always did when you left, I’m whispering in your ear how much I love you.

Miss you buddy. RIP Gus❤️🌈

Mommy and Daddy miss you terribly but you were the perfect dog for our family. They took amazing care of you….all the trips to the vet, the medicine, the constant love and care and you loved them right back. It was a perfect fit. You were definitely a gift from God little buddy.

A huge thank you to Galleria Animal Clinic, Dr. Bordon, Dr. Nicki, Amelia, Jana, Karen and all the staff, you guys are truly the BEST humans!! I’ve never known a vet that cared as much as y’all and always going FARRRR ABOVE AND BEYOND what is expected. From the bottom of my heart thank you….it really isn’t enough. God bless you abundantly and richly bless you. You truly are angels in disguise.

Hope you guys enjoy my special tribute of our special Gussy. Please keep my daughter and SIL and the rest of our family in your prayers.

Big hugs,


When Gus first came home. G’mama was soooo happy😍
Stud muffin 😍
When Bella first meets Gus🤣
I was recovering from surgery and Gus wanted to sit with me but couldn’t.
Gus: I know you don’t feel good G’mama and your recovering from surgery but I still love you and need snuggles🤣 and maybe a chin nibble🤣🙄
Gus waving 👋
Pumpkin 1 and Pumpkin 2🤣🤣
Nom nom nom😋
G’mama sure knows how to throw a party
Easter bunny came💗