Don’t be bullied by the scale!


For 2-3 months I have been struggling with duh duh duhhh “The scale” Isn’t that worst???
I love these pictures:

Just makes me laugh, LOL!! But I’ll say for me there is some truth in it.
See weight has been a struggle for me off and on, especially with the health issues I have. I have Hashimotos thyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency (they don’t make enough cortisol) and growth hormone deficiency (my pituitary doesn’t produce enough) “Well isn’t that special?” Insert humor, LOL. Sometimes you just have to laugh because all you want to do is cry.

See sometimes no matter what I do, eat right, exercise, do all the right things and the scale doesn’t budge, and sometimes it even goes up! Like seriously overnight I can gain 5-10 lbs. I can usually tell when my thyroid or adrenals are off but it doesn’t make me feel any better when I step on the scale.
It can be incredibly discouraging.
Sometimes people gain weight because they are not eating properly, or over eating but there are also times when it’s health issues and you can’t control it and it may take time to fix. My thyroid has a mind of its own, lol. Have you had this struggle or something like it? How has it affected you? I’ll be honest sometimes I get angry and it is very difficult but I’m learning God loves me regardless of what the scale says, and He loves you too. The number on the scale or your size doesn’t define you. God calls you beautiful, you are the apple of His eye, He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Some strategies that might help are:
1. Keep my eyes focused on Jesus, and not the scale or a size. This goes for any problem we might have.
2. Keep doing the next right thing. Just keep on exercising and eating healthy. Don’t give up just because you “temporarily” don’t see progress. This is where perseverance comes in. The  enemy wants us to give in and go back to our old ways. So DON’T GIVE UP!!! “Old things have passed away, ALL THINGS, NOT SOME ALL things have become new.
3. Pray, pray, pray, AND PRAY SOME MORE! Call those things that be not as tho they are.
4. Don’t be led by your emotions. They are so fickle. We must learn to be consistent and stable.
5. Know upfront there will be setbacks, but your setback is a set up for your comeback. Press on, and never give up!

Discouragement will come, we can’t stop it but getting in the Word will help you to get through those times. You can do ALL things thru Christ who strengthens me.

But you might still be thinking “Nicole, you don’t understand, I hate my stomach it’s too flabby” but let me just say that stomach you hate also gave you your beautiful children, so in reality it’s not so bad. But you say “My arms are fat and flabby ” Well your arms hold your loved ones every day, they help you get groceries that you need and put them away. Your arms are beautiful and strong and help you do what you need to do. Then you might say “I hate my legs they’re full of dimples.” Well your legs are strong and beautiful and help  you walk around and do what you need to do to get through your day. You’re able to go on a walk to the park or around the neighborhood, walk your dog, or bend down to pick something up. They are strong and beautiful. See it’s all about perspective. You are fearfully and wonderfully made sweet one❤️






Is fear and doubt holding you back? Is your lack of trust and confidence in God hindering your breakthrough? Sometimes I think we believe God will Bring healing or freedom or restoration in a relationship for other people but do we believe that He will do it for us? God is not a respecter of persons, what he does for one he will do for you.


His word says in Matthew 17:20Amplified Bible (AMP)
He answered, “Because of your little faith [your lack of trust and confidence in the power of God]; for I assure you and most solemnly say to you, [a]if you have [living] faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and [if it is God’s will] it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.
Fear is why we fail and why we don’t reach our highest potential. I love this poem:

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson


So the question is, why do we shrink back in fear? Why do we not reach our highest potential? Sometimes we have to do some real soul-searching to figure out the answer. But you need to know what God says about you. You are a child of the King!! You are destined for GREATNESS!! He created YOU to SHINE!! There was a time in my life when I allowed others to dim the light inside of me. Have you ever done that? Precious one, you were born to SHINE, to be a Light in this dark world. Don’t let others hold you down or let there opinion of you dim your light. I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, lol. It’s a very depressing place to be. I can remember a time when I shared with someone what God had put in my heart and was acting on it and this person was like “Maybe you should do this or that before you try it” I’m sure they meant well but it was someone special to me and I began questioning myself and God and it set me into a depression for like 3-4 months. NEVER let someone’s opinion of you or their opinion of what God has called you to do determine your worth and value!! You know what God spoke to your heart. Your worth and value are in Him and furthermore if He called you to it, He’ll bring you through it NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE ELSE THINKS!! Never give up!!




Sometimes we have to do it afraid and take a giant leap of faith. Remember all we have to have is faith as small as a mustard seed. We walk by faith and not by sight. So you speak to your mountains. Your mountain could be an addiction, or a broken relationship, a financial need, or healing in your body. Whatever it is having faith as small as a mustard seed is all it takes. God’s promises are true and they are for YOU, so have faith and believe. Sometimes we must take action for our mountains to move. Maybe something we are doing or not doing is hindering our breakthrough. For example in our health, part of our healing is taking responsibility of our health and doing our part. Like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating the right foods, and getting exercise. I’m not saying that these things will heal you but what I am saying is that we have a part to do in our health and our healing. And so often in this busy life we are eating on the go and not eating the right foods, not drinking enough water, definitely not getting enough sleep, and we don’t have time to exercise and then we are begging God to heal us, that doesn’t even make sense. “You need to heal me Lord But I’m going to live a riotous life and not worry about the consequences it may have.” You might not say those words out loud but that’s what our actions show. He’s Word says your body is the temple, but how are you taking care of it? Sometimes we believe we’re waiting on God but actually he’s waiting on us to do our part. So get busy doing your part so God can get busy doing His.

Don’t continue to let fear and doubt hold you back, RISE to GREATNESS, and have FEARLESS FAITH!! The battle is ALREADY WON! Walk in that knowledge, speak LIFE, do your part, believe God’s promises are for you and BE FEARLESS!!

Much love,


Egg Roll in a bowl


Egg Roll in a Bowl……Very yummy! 🙂 Gluten free and Low Carb.

1 roll of Jimmy Dean sausage- I prefer spicy
1 package coleslaw mix
1/2 medium onion, chopped
2.5 teaspoons mined garlic
1 teaspoon ginger- optional
3-4 Tablespoons GF Soy Sauce- I use Braggs Amino Acids
1-2 teaspoons rice vinegar

Cook the ground sausage until done, remove from the pan, leave the drippings.
Add onions, garlic to pan and sauté.
Add coleslaw mix and cook for about 15 mins, then mix in sausage.
Add ginger, GF Soy Sauce OR Braggs, and rice vinegar.

Optional: Scramble 1 egg, add at the end and mix in.
Cook another 5-10 mins and ENJOY! 🙂

Thought for the day:




Beautifully & Wonderfully Made



Not to long ago, I went to my physical therapist Pilates Reformer class. Only 4 ppl in there….no biggie right? My first time! Keeping in mind the health issues I’ve had, she is trying to get me stronger more stable. Strong core means strong back. So if you haven’t ever tried it it’s pretty tough….Ahhhh And rough lol, about halfway thru I’m dying of sweat (as we all were) and of course I’m the newbie and with “all my issues”mine is modified but I’m trying my best to hang. But that committee going in my mind says “Look around, your not like these other ladies, they are soooo skinny and can do all this. Your fat! Not good enough.” Etc…etc. This was just playing over and over in my mind. I was sinking FAST!!! Amazing how quickly this can happen right? (This is where renewing the mind comes in) Then After a few minutes of this I was like NO devil you are a LIAR!! Precious one you gotta talk to yourself!! Or in this case sing, I started singing the lyrics to Blanca’s new song “Who I am”

“I am strong, beautiful. I am good enough, I belong after all cus of what You’ve done. This is real what I feel, no one made it up, I am loved. I am sure I am Yours, I know who I am. I am sure I am Yours. Fearfully, Wonderfully, Perfectly, You have made me❤️”
Not sure exactly why I had these crazy thoughts today, whether I’m a size 6, 8,10 or 20 doesn’t matter it’s just a number. My size doesn’t define my worth. My weight doesn’t doesn’t determine my value. What job I have or don’t have or how much money I make, none of that determines my worth or value. So why in that moment had my insecurities shown their ugly head??? I personally thought I had dealt with a lot of that junk but I guess it just shows it’s still there even just a little bit. It’s amazing how loud and quickly we can hear the lies of the enemy and just jump right on board if we are not careful. See I was that woman who couldn’t even watch tv without getting upset if I saw a beautiful woman on tv. I was constantly comparing myself, telling myself I’m not good enough. I hated myself! I do think women deal with this junk A LOT, maybe not to the degree I did but there was so much brokenness in me. Maybe you find yourself there today? God wants to set you free from that!!



Honestly if what happened to me that day had happened to me a few years ago I would have gotten sooo stinkin depressed and I would have NEVER gone back to another class but instead I reminded the devil that he’s a liar and told him just EXACTLY WHO I AM!! Yep I’m a daughter of the King!! Yep I’m beautifully and wonderfully made!! Yep God says I’m worthy. He’s says all those things and more abt me (and you) but not becus of anything I’ve done, it’s because of what He did. That same power that raised Christ from the dead, lives on the inside me (and you) God doesn’t make any junk and He certainly doesn’t make mistakes!! So today I can say I’m not perfect but I like my curves, I’m on a journey of getting better, healthier, and stronger I’m not where I wanna be but I’m not where I use to be either. God is perfecting that which concerns me and he will do the same for you❤️

Dream Big & Shine On


Tonight I sit and ponder how we go thru seasons of life and for half my life I’ve been a mom and wife. That was my job, sometimes thankless, sometimes really hard, but the rewards definitely out way the tough times. In the last 8 months I’ve been pushed into a season that I was dreading, scared, and certainly NOT READY FOR!! But funny how times goes on, our kids grow up, leave the nest……Some might say NOW WHAT LORD???

image.I know that was me for sure!! Tears will be shed and I mean A LOT!! Cus letting go of ours babies is painful but seeing them grow up into precious godly young women warms my heart and I couldn’t be more proud of our 3 beautiful girls.
I was at loss with what to do with my self but God puts dreams and visions in our hearts, sometimes life and circumstances dim them so I encourage you, kids home or not, DREAM AGAIN!! God is NOT done with you! “Empty Nester parents”, God is not done with you. “Stay at home moms” who feel like if I see one more dirty diaper!!! Or if they don’t pick up there toys or stop arguing I may explode!!!😱




I remember those days so well. But just know these are seasons and parenting is THE HARDEST JOB OUT THERE!! Also the MOST IMPORTANT and REWARDING! But know matter wherever you are on this journey God is NOT done with you yet. It may feel like but I promise you He’s not!! You have gifts and talents in you that need to be birthed. I won’t lie the birthing process is painful, much like birthing a child. What are your dreams? Desires? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do it start? I believe God is stirring in folks, don’t resist or shrink back in fear. Press on precious one!! Do what you were born to do. You were born for such a time is this.

Much love💗 and SHINE ON!! ✨✨