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You’re an Overcomer

I love this so much!!! This reminds me of our walk with God and how people view us. Maybe someone new you before you were a Christian and now God has done a mighty work in you and you have changed but the people around still see the old you.

BUT GOD, has placed something in you, a gift, a calling that ONLY God sees.

What is He calling you to do?

What is He wanting you to contend for?

Are you afraid to step out because of what others might think or say?

God HAS placed something special on the inside of you! He has a call on YOUR life!!

BUT are you willing to risk everything to step out and find out? Or will you shrink back in fear?

God see’s something IN YOU that NO ONE else knows or see’s. Be BOLD, be COURAGEOUS!! GO FOR IT!!

YOU are God’s Heavyweight Champion!! You are His Contender for the Kingdom!!

Don’t worry abt what you can’t do, you do what you CAN do and God will do what you can’t!! Focus on Him and not the problems and it will come to pass in due time!!

Love the lyrics to Mandisa’s song Overcomer “You’re an overcomer, Stay in the fight ’til the final round. You’re not going under Cause God is holding you right now. You might be down for a moment, Feeling like it’s hopeless That’s when he reminds you, That you’re an overcomer, You’re an overcomer!”

That’s who YOU are!

Be blessed and have a wonderful day!