Paralyzed or PURPOSE….you can choose.

Have you ever felt you have no purpose or you’ve lost your purpose? You don’t know what direction to go. You don’t know what your supposed to do next. A season is coming to end….what’s next for me Lord? Sometimes we know what it is and then there are other times we feel paralyzed, have absolutely no idea and find ourselves just doing nothing. At least that’s where I have found myself at times. When a season closes, sometimes there’s happiness or sadness or uncertainty. So what do we do? I liked to tell you I get it right every time but that wouldn’t true. What do you when your identity is wrapped up in what you do or worse when it’s wrapped up in a season that’s closing? I’ve struggled with this one myself too. If you know me you know being a good wife and mom is super important to me. It’s been my job I treasured. I felt called to being a stay at home mom. I never felt like I was “Just a stay at home mom” despite how others might see it. Like you just sit around and eat Bon Bons by the fireplace with a Dr. Pepper. Well I might have the Dr. Pepper lol.

Anyways I knew I was doing what I was called to do, as are you if this is your job choice. In my opinion being a mom and dad is the highest calling, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s our job to lead, guide and be there for our little saplings

But as time goes on our babies grow up, go to school, move out and go to college, or get married. It’s life, and it’s hard letting go. You may have gone to college and have a degree, or something you can fall back on but you may not. If not, it doesn’t mean you are any less valuable. I guess for me since Kayla and Zach got married and Sierra moved to Auburn 2-3 yrs ago those are all wonderful things it’s just all been big adjustments for me. My job was “Mom” and I was busy doing and being Mom. I’m still Mom but it’s different now, it’s not my full time “job” anymore so to speak. Slowly I’m finding myself and my purpose again. The purpose I felt I had lost is still there it just looks different now. You may feel you’ve lost your purpose as well but let me encourage you and say maybe it just looks differently now.

Regardless where you find yourself you have untapped potential in you, and you have purpose precious one! In this new season it’s time to find out what your purpose is, it’s time to explore….what do you want to do when you grow up? LOL 😂

We are all made in the image of God and each of us is born with passion and purpose we just need to tap into it and discover it and the walk in it!! So let’s get work friends!🤗💪