Pressing through dark Times

One thing I’ve learned is that the devil will try and do anything to keep you distracted from the things you need to do or places you’re meant to be at.

I’ve experienced it many times in my life but now I recognize it more. But it hasn’t always been the case, and by no means do I get it right all the time.

So I’ve had this awful pseudomonas infection that started last December, yes you read that correctly. It started in my sinuses and then spread throughout my body all because it wasn’t diagnosed properly and it has gone on for almost a year now. It has been awful! So many trips to all kinds of different doctors, and several Emergency Room trips. It’s been the worst thing ever. I have been so sick and have had to press through much because I knew I had too or I was going to miss important things, milestones and memories.

The infection has stirred up my fibromyalgia as well. I’ve been having occipital migraines a lot and my neck was in so much pain I could hardly move it. We have small group on Tuesday evenings. Well I just was in so much pain I didn’t feel like I could go. But I just had that feeling I need to go, so I got up and got ready and went. I was so glad I did too. The fellowship is amazing and just what I needed, I love my girls. Not to mention God spoke to me something that I really needed but had I not gone I would have missed out.

Which brought another time to mind. There have been many but I believe this one had more of an impact on me and taught me so much about pressing through so we don’t miss what God has for us.

I use to be a youth leader in our church but this particular day I came down with a bladder and kidney completely out of the blue. I knew there was no way I was gonna make it to service. My personal thought is that the enemy knew what was going to happen and didn’t want me there. But that still small voice inside said you HAVE to be there. So off I went.

The night started off normal but it changed quickly. During worship I noticed a young girl she seemed off a little, next thing I know she was throwing up lots of green stuff all over the place. After we got her to the bathroom we discovered she had taken an overdose trying to commit suicide. So we quickly rushed her to the hospital.

But what’s so interesting about this story is that when I was her age I once overdosed in an attempt to commit suicide as well. I mean what are the odds that I had been in her exact spot, on that particular night, it was allllll God! I shouldn’t have been there because I felt awful and yet despite what my feelings said I knew I had to be. Right then I knew why!

Because I said yes despite my current circumstances, I was able to help and comfort her in her dark time and share my story, letting her know I understand and she’s not alone. I was able to pray with her as well. It was AMAZING! I will never forget it.

But what if I had not gone to church because of the kidney infection? Well, I will never know. But what I do know is that I was exactly where I needed to be and God orchestrated it all. I just had to be obedient and let Him led me.

That night brought back so many memories, so many things that I haven’t thought about in years. On my way home that night I called my mom and told her how sorry I was that I put her through all that. It was a healing moment for me.

I think so often we let our feelings guide us and NOT in the right direction. But that night and tonight I choose well. There are many other instances I choose well and many where I missed the mark but I’m learning to listen and be more obedient.

Is there a time where you know you’ve missed out on what God had for you?

Is there a time where you didn’t let your feelings vote and you pressed through and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God put you there? I’d love to hear your story.

Big hugs,


Prayer changes Everything

Are you going thru some rough times right now?

If your not happy about something in your life, your finances aren’t what you need, your children or spouse aren’t acting the way they should, you got a bad report from the doctor…….then ask God for more in that area.

Seek Him! He is your Provider, Restorer, Healer!!

Prayer changes EVERYTHING!!! Nothing is impossible to God!

Your marriage isn’t to far gone, God will rebuild your home! Your finances, that bad report from the doctor was no surprise to God!! He’s in the miracle making business!! His glory will be revealed!! He brings restoration!

Keep praying, asking, and seeking……press in harder!! Because in an instant everything can change, your suddenly is on the way!! Your breakthru is coming!!

For we walk by faith not by sight.

Praise Him for what He’s doing that you can’t see! Get in agreement with what His word says about your situation. Call it forth and believe and expect it is going to happen!!

His word says apart from me you can do nothing!! So stop trying to fix everything in your own strength……trust Him. Seek Him to intervene and fight that battle on your behalf.

Rest in Him and let Him change you from the inside out and you will see healing and restoration in your life!💗

Big hugs,

Nicole 😊

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy Thanksgiving y’all😊 Hope y’all are having a wonderful day!

I love the holidays. The aroma of all the holiday food fills the air, tickling our tastebuds. My hunky man sneaks in the kitchen and steals a deviled egg or 2….or 3 and acts as if he has no idea where it went, lol😂 Same thing every year.

There’s something about a dining room table that just makes my heart happy. Not just the beautiful place settings and decor but the friends and loved ones who gather round it. We eat, we laugh, we reminisce, and play games.

I have so many memories centered around the dining room table. The smell of cinnamon in the air. My grandmother use to make these HUGE feasts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always made oyster dressing, that was the one thing I could do without🙊 But every year she’d put it on my plate. In my little eyes everything else was perfect just like what you see on tv. Everyone talking and laughing….me shoving all the peanut butter balls in my mouth😂 You could just feel the love💗

But there’s also the other side, being raised in alcoholism, not every holiday was perfect. I also remember the chaos and craziness as well. Maybe you experienced the same thing or are still experiencing it. If that’s you I’m so sorry and I totally relate. The fights, being afraid and hiding. It can taint you for the rest of your life if your not careful. That’s why you have to choose forgiveness for yourself not others and live your life with a grateful heart.

For me it’s been a long road to overcome some things of the past but going to Alanon (a place for people who have someone in their life with a drinking problem.) also got Christian counseling and on the daily allow God to change me from the inside out. He’s so good and faithful.

I guess that’s why I try give my family a wonderful holiday, healthy, safe environment, and a healthy me, not JUST on the holidays but EVERY DAY. I don’t want them to have some of the memories that I have. The best gift you can give is a healthy YOU!

I’ve learned to be thankful in ALL things! Even when all my circumstances aren’t perfect. Do I get it right all the time? No, of course not but now it doesn’t take as long to get me there, praise God🙌🏻

Living with a thankful heart is something we have to do on purpose. It may not come easy and that’s ok, just start small there’s nothing wrong with that. Find something you are thankful for. A shower, your bed, children, pets, house, vehicle, food, toilet paper 😜 or coffee. Anything…..just begin somewhere my friend and do it daily.

Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful and I’m so thankful for so much.

My Jesus would top the list.

My hunky man and all my family, near and far.

My doggos.

My home that gives me shelter and safety.

My favorite oversized chair and blanket.

My friends and small groups.

Our military who fights and protects us.



Doctors who take care of me.

Running water, hot water.

Just to name of few.

I know the holidays can be tough, depression can be a real issue. Loved ones gone, marriages fallen no apart, kids gone astray, or your health might not be very good. But you are never alone precious one. God is with you always! He will never leave you or forsake you. He’s there durning hard time, chaotic times, and great times. He wants you to give him all your heartache and pain. Cling my to Him! He will give you beauty for ashes. But you have to let go of the ashes!

If you allow God this can be a turning point in your life. The loneliness, your unfulfilled desires, all the undue stress, and anything else you maybe experiencing. God can change it all. But I’ve found sometimes he’s waiting on us. It’s not just all his job we have an active part to play.

Connect with friends and loved ones.

Look around and do something for someone in need. I love to do things in secret.

Go to church, find a small group.

Celebrate the little things.

Set boundaries.

Get enough rest, exercise, and “mostly” 😜 eat healthy all of that plays a roll in how you feel physically and mentally.

Speak words of affirmation over yourself, family, and situations.

Get in agreement with Gods word, claim his promises.

Be thankful and Say so!

What are some things you are thankful for? What memories do you have? What traditions does your family have? I’d love to hear them.

I appreciate each and every one of y’all for supporting me. YOU are a blessing! I pray Gods bless you and shine His face on you and your family. May you feel His presence in your life so strong. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Big hugs,


Favor of God

God has a new season in front of you. He has new opportunities for you, He’s gonna open doors for you that NO man can shut!!

This next part of your life will be better than the first part!! Shake off the negativity and expect good things! Something good is gonna happen today!

Lord, Your Word says what was meant to harm and destroy me, You will use for my good!!

My friend, you may have been through the fire but He’s Word says you won’t even smell like smoke when you come out!!

This is your time for favor and blessings! It’s your time to see more and more of His goodness in your life!!

I am believing and expecting awesome things to happen for your life, family, health , and finances! “The Spirit of the Lord is on you….” you are walking in God’s incredible favor precious one.

Position yourself and receive it! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Big hugs,


Think BIG, Dream BIG, Believe BIG

Back from a busy weekend with family from North Carolina and last AU home game for our daughter. It was bittersweet for sure😭 But so glad we got to share it with my mom and cousins. We made great memories.

Don’t be afraid to ask God for BIG things!! He has planted hidden dreams and plans in your heart, ask for them to be revealed.

What are your dreams?

What has God put in your heart?

It may look impossible my friend, and in the natural it is, BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! He’s got you right in the palm of his hand. Nothing gets by him.

When God steps in, MIRACLES HAPPEN!! So pray bold prayers and EXPECT BIG and BELIEVE BIG!!

Don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problems how BIG YOUR GOD IS!!

Ask God to show Himself strong in your life because NOTHING is to difficult for our Faithful God!!💗🙌🏻

Big hugs,


Speak Life

Good morning friends! Hope you’re doing well and have a fanatic weekend. This weekend is Auburns last home game and the last time we will see our daughter twirl in Jordan Hare Stadium😭😭 We are so proud of her. She’s worked so hard, made the Deans List, practiced and taught baton. Amazed at what she’s done. Being an Auburn majorette was her dream and she’s twirled for them for 4 years now and this year she made Captain. Ephesians 3:20 Exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all you could hope, ask, or think. That’s what God does!!

What’s dreams do you have and what are you believing God for?

Are you getting in agreement with the Word of God? Or are speaking words of death?

Are you prophesying to your dreams and future?

Your words matter…..SPEAK LIFE!

Don’t talk about the way you are. No, talk about the way you want to be! Visualize it. Only speak positive words of faith and victory over yourself, family and future!

Words are containers of power, either life or death. SPEAK LIFE!

Don’t use your words to describe your situation, use your words to change your situation!

Call in God’s favor, blessings, open doors, healing and restoration. They are for YOU my friend!

Don’t talk about how big your problem is, tell your problems how big your God is!! God is soooo much BIGGER!

Praying for you guys and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Big hugs,


He is Able

God’s Reminder:

There is NO mountain to big for Me, nothing I can’t do for you. For I reside on the inside of you. Live your life of faith without limits, don’t put Me in a box. Watch and see what I will do. Watch Me open the windows of Heaven and poor out blessings and open doors for you. I will do exceedingly, abundantly, above and waaaaay beyond all you could ever hope, ask or think. Dream BIG precious one, NOTHING is impossible to Me, for I am a BIG God!! 💗🙌🏻

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗