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Cloud Bread Breakfast Sandwich


Tried my hand at Cloud bread, a little thinner than I wanted but man does it taste delish. Low carb and gluten free. No guilt sandwich or biscuit alternative.


3 egg whites

3 Tablespoons cream cheese

1/4 teaspoon cream of tarter (OR baking powder)

1 Tablespoon Walden Farms pancake syrup (or honey)

Optional: sea salt or garlic


Preheat oven 300 degrees

Separate the eggs, no yolk in the egg whites.

Add cream cheese to yolks and mix until smooth.

In the other bowl add cream of tartar to egg whites, and beat on high until fluffy and peaks form.

Add the yolk mixture to the white mixture and fold to combine. Add Walden Farms syrup or honey.

Spray cookie sheet with Pam and spoon the mixture into rounds.

Bake for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Be the Rainbow in some else’s cloud…..

In today’s society we are rushing here, rushing there just trying to keep up with our busy lives. But often it’s the business that can make us miss out on important moments because we just don’t have time or don’t want to take the time to notice others around us.

We are built for relationships and we need to be sensitive enough to know when God is saying slow down, see the broken-hearted all around.

It can be anywhere, your cashier, your kids teacher, your neighbor, someone sitting in the doctors office, your church, your waitress, your Uber driver, etc. People are just waiting to be noticed, they think no one cares. God can use you in the the least expected places if our eyes are wide open.

He’s says “See that lady over there, she needs to encouragement. I need you to go and lift her spirits.” Or “Do you see that man he’s down on his luck, he’s been through a lot he’s not able to do what he use to could do, maybe you could cut his grass or make him a meal. Be my hands and feet.”

I have couple examples in my life where God said “Hey Nicole I need you to slow down and see this person and encourage them.” In those moments I usually have a split second to decide whether or not I will obey and you will too.

There was a time a several years ago it was really close to Father’s day and I thought I’ll run in the Hallmark store by our house. I had never had that thought before, I don’t think I had ever been in there. But it didn’t take long to figure out why I was supposed to be there.

I started looking for a gift for my Dad and as normal I make chit chat with people around me. The lady in there I was talking to I said “I’m looking for a Father’s Day gift for my Daddy but goodness he’s so hard to buy for” and we both kinda laughed and she said with tears in her eyes my Daddy is dying, he doesn’t have long, maybe days. Totally caught me off guard, I mean what do you say? It just broke my heart for her and I said I’m so sorry to hear that. I will say a prayer for him and you. Which I really meant, but in my spirit I heard God say I need you to pray for her right now!!

Of course all the internal argument goes like this, “Lord I don’t know her, she’ll think I’m some kinda freak, in front of all these people in here, what if she says no?” All this stuff going through my head, all in just a matter of a couple of mins.

So I do my purchase and decide Lord I’m sorry I can’t do it and walk out the door get in my truck and I just sit there discouraged, knowing I should have done what He asked me to do. Then a couple mins later the lady and her friend or relative that was with her come out the door and head to their car and I swear it was as if the Lord threw me out my truck lol and said go pray for her right now. I said OK Lord, I understand, I’ll be weirdo for You, lol.

So I begin walking up to her and I’m sure she’s thinking what is this crazy lady doing? Is she stalking me?? I said excuse me I don’t normally do this kind of thing but I just really feel like Lord wants me to pray for you, would it be ok? She starts weeping in the parking lot and says yes that would be wonderful, thank you.

I was full of fear but I wanted to obey. I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to do and somehow I knew it was what she needed.

As I held her hands and prayed we both cried in the Hallmark parking lot and in that moment I knew why I was supposed to be there. It was a divine appointment. He has them for you too my friend.

But what if I had said nahhh, I’m not going there I’m going somewhere else or what if I said no Lord I really can’t do and just drove off? I could’ve just rushed through the store and would have missed out on a precious moment and being there for someone else in need. I’ll never forget that moment, it was so special to me.

I’ll never know what happened but I like to think that I was there to give her hope and encouragement in an unexpected place when she needed it and that is what it’s all about.

There was another time recently I was on vacation and we were on a showboat dinner cruise. It was wonderful, so many talented singers on there but there was this one young lady that had a voice of an angel. She literally gave me chills when she sang.

Throughout the night God put a word in my heart for her and He said now go tell her what I said. I was like are you kidding me right now Lord??? I can’t do that she will think I’m some crazed lunatic! I don’t know her, I don’t even know how I would or even if I would get the opportunity to tell her.

Well as God would have it and arrange it, as we were leaving the ship there she stood greeting folks leaving. Again, here come the internal arguments, lol. Lord she will think I’m crazy, but I’m much quicker these days BUT I’LL LOOK CRAZY FOR YOU LORD! So I walk up to her and say “Hey you were amazing, you all were. So enjoyed the show. “Come on Nicole spit it out!”😂 So I don’t usually do this but I feel like God gave me a word for you and then preceded to tell her and she got so excited, we both had tears in our eyes. She’s calling over some of her friends telling them what was happening, hugging me saying thank you, that it was so much confirmation for her. She’s like friend me on Facebook right now! Check out my page and you’ll understand. I had no idea who she was but later found out. You would probably know her too. God used me in that moment to give her hope that God was working in her life and He orchestrated a divine moment to let her know how much He loves her and to give her a specific word for her life at just the time that she needed it. God is so good like that.

But what if I had just walked off the ship and kept what God had put in my heart for her? She needed encouragement and God had something for her but because I was fearful I could’ve made her miss out on something important God has for her. I’m so thankful I didn’t. I’m thankful I got past the “What if’s”

God has divine appointments for you too my friend, it’s just sometimes we gotta slow down and in spite of fear just listen, and say YES!

There are lonely, hurting people all around people searching for answers all around and can I just tell you YOU JUST MIGHT BE THAT ANSWER FOR THEM. You could be the only Jesus they ever see.

When was the last time you slowed down long enough, took a good look around and said Lord who could I help or encourage today, Show me, let me be your hands and feet today. Go out and love on someone today! Be the hands and feet of Jesus…..Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Love and hugs,


Perfect Love Cast Out Fear

Have you struggled with fear in some way in your life? I think we all do at times. I know for me I struggled with it for the better part of my life. Fear of failure, fear of rejection that’s was a HUGE one for me. Fear of not being good enough, low self esteem, yea I could go on. And you may find yourself there today. But I’m here to tell you that His perfect love kicks fear to the curb!!! Fear is a LIAR!

We all have a past, we all have deep seeded wounds, but Jesus came to heal you every where you hurt. I was thinking we get dressed every day, for the ladies we put our cute clothes on, we doll ourselves up with hair and makeup, smelly lotions and perfumes. You men y’all are so lucky, you take like a minute to get ready lol. Shower, shave, slap some gel in your hairs, and spray some cologne and your good to go lol. But once we are all done often there is one more thing we all put on before we leave….our mask. Our mask that says “Everything is fine.” “Everything is perfect in my life.” And honestly from the outside it could very well seem that way.

When someone says “Hey, how are you?” And your response is “I’m great! Couldn’t be better!” When really you’re dying and broken on the inside. We answer that way because we don’t want people to think less of us or what would they think if they knew what we were really going through???

First off let me just say YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have been there myself. I put the mask on for many years not wanting people to know what my struggles were or what was going on in my life.

But if you can dig deep and find the courage to talk and share with someone I promise you, you will find out that you are not alone and that others are going through the same thing as you, or they have been there or they are going through something else equally as hard or harder.

Being vulnerable is hard but once you take that first step you open the door for healing to come in and new friendships to blossom and for the Lord to do a mighty work in your life.

You don’t have to get all fixed up to come to Jesus, church, or small group. Jesus loves you just they way you are, and just where your at!

The church is full of broken people.

People suffering from shame, guilt, drugs, alcoholism, pornography, rejection, infertility, abortions, divorce, rape, molestation, depression/other mental illnesses, and the list goes on and on. God uses the weak and the broken. His Word is full of stories of how He used broken and sinful people to do great and mighty things and He wants to do the same for you precious one.

God is in the restoration business. He will take your broken pieces and put you back together better than you can imagine. He will take your pain and suffering and use it for His glory and purposes and help others in the process. He will take your mess and give you a message.

I look back at 10-15 years ago I wore a mask often and that smile you saw back then was often a sad, fake smile. BUT GOD and I love that he gives us joy for mourning, beauty for our ashes! The smile you see today is real, it’s the joy of the Lord. (I like smiling, smiling my favorite…a little Elf humor LOL)

It’s not a perfect life but it’s a life not lead by fear any more. God is so good and He brings restoration and He will do it for you to my friend!💗

You are a Trophy of Grace!

Love and hugs,


Click link below for the song Fear is a Liar:

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

Focus has been my word for quite sometime not just for the task at hand but also in life issues as they arise. If you think about it we are always focused on something, good or bad our attention goes somewhere. I’m learning as situations come up if I stay focused on Jesus, and keep my eyes on him instead of the problems going on around me, my thought life is better and my emotions are more stable. Which makes for a happier life, cus let’s be real if Moma ain’t happy nobody’s happy. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life”😂

Believe me I’m not saying that this is easy because sometimes it’s darn right hard and feels impossible at times. But we always have a choice. When I choose wrong that’s when I begin to get sidetracked, I focus on my problems, I think about it, talk about it, think about it, talk about it, and that’s when every goes haywire for me. The committee in my mind convenes and then I’m in BIG trouble. Maybe you can relate to that?

The Word says the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy but I’ve also learned that if the enemy knows you have enough of God and His word in you he knows he cannot destroy you so he has to move onto Plan B…..Distractions. He will work so hard set up distractions to keep you derailed from walking in your destiny and that’s exactly what he wants. He doesn’t have to destroy you just distract you.

The enemy knows YOU are a danger to him and that you walking in your destiny will destroy him and benefit the Kingdom and that’s the last thing he wants. He doesn’t want you or I to fulfill the call on our lives.

Do you recognize the distraction in your life?

Do you recognize the things that crop up to steal your peace, joy, past victories, freedom, etc?

We’ve gotta learn to stay focused on Jesus, speak life, speak His promises over ourselves, over our families, marriages, problems, etc. That negative talk will get you NOWHERE but further in the pit!!


No matter how bad things are in your life, no matter how deep you’ve fallen into the pit of hell let me assure you God is right there with you! He IS in control and He will never loosen his grip on you.

So stretch your hands toward Heaven and He will lift you out of the pit, out of the hopelessness you feel, and set your feet upon a rock giving you a firm place to stand and direct your steps my friend.

You are a Trophy of Grace precious one so stand firm and focused, don’t give into the distractions and never give up. Every one of His promises is for YOU and YOU are destined for greatness!! He loves you with an everlasting love and He’s got great plans for you!!

Blessings and hugs,


Speaking Life

So good & so much truth. Thank you for sharing your heart. Check out her blog posts, they are great & won’t disappoint! Be blessed💗

Living Faithfully with Autoimmune Disease

Wouldn’t it be amazing if life wasn’t filled with heartache and pain? Imagine a world covered with love, joy, peace. A world where no one grieves, no one has pain, no one faces hardships, no one faces sickness.
The reality is, we all face struggles and hardships at some point in our lives. In the last four years I have faced countless illnesses with few answers. If you know me you probably know that I have many Autoimmune Diseases that affect my internal organs, it has been an ongoing battle . I have learned a lot about keeping my faith in God in the middle of these trying times. I believe that because I have kept my faith pretty strong through out that has carried me through.

Constantly receiving unwelcome news

I don’t consider myself negative, or lacking faith, but after some time constantly receiving unwelcome news week after week…

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Call Those Things That Be Not as Though They Are

Recently I was complaining to God about something and as clearly as I could tell you I heard “You are complaining about this and speaking negative about the situation NOW speak life, speak to that situation what you want it to be. Call those things that be not as though they are.” Bam, slap upside the head!😂 I know to do this but in that moment I choose to complain and be negative.

Isn’t it funny how we can speak to our mountains, speak life to the situation with somethings but with certain things they can be such a struggle. Which begs the question of why? For me I think it was because I wasn’t trusting God in the situation. I felt weary and tired and maybe just maybe I could fix it better. Lol…isn’t that funny? As if I know more and can do better than God. We think we can control or fix a situation that we really have no business messing with. We don’t see the whole picture like God does. He knows way more than we do. He knows what we need and when we need it. He is aligning things behind the scene that you cannot see. Trusting Him can be hard, I get it I struggle with it in certain things myself but trusting him is the only way.

So what do you do when the trial comes? Do you do like I did in that moment and complain, focus on the problem instead of looking to the One who can fix?

How do you respond or react when the trial comes? It all matters.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds….” James 1:2

Trials WILL come, we are not promised a life with no trials. But it’s how we handle it when they do come, THAT is what matters and what’s the deciding factor of whether we go around the mountain one more time. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of going around the same stupid mountain! I want to get it right.

What if you looked at trials as blessings instead of something awful and negative in your life. What if your pain, shame, heartache, the tears you’ve cried, the habit you’ve struggled with, the person you’ve prayed for that hasn’t changed….WHAT IF the purpose is draw closer to God, to know him more intimately, and to help you grow and change more into His image?

In my experience it’s been through the fire, through the trials I’ve grown closer to God, I’ve trusted Him more, and I have been refined by the fire. I choose to believe our trials are blessings in disguise.

Whatever it is He works all things out for our good. No weapon formed against you will prosper. He’s not looking to harm you but to give you hope and future. So trust in him, cling to Him during the trials. He’s got you my friend. He will never leave you nor forsake you, he will not relax His hold on you. He sees you and knows what your going through and wants to help carry you through to the other side. Don’t get stuck in the middle of your trial and camp there, keep pressing through because breakthrough is on the other side.

Remember YOU are a Trophy of Grace precious one and God loves you with an everlasting love. Be blessed!

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗

Click the link below and enjoy the song Blessings from Laura Story.

Won’t He do it…..

Always pray and never give up! Pray until the answers come my friend.

We are right in the middle of 21 days of prayer and I love how God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. A day sooner or a day later wouldn’t mean the same ya know. Today’s prayer service was so on point, it was as if God stood there and spoke directly to me. I had to listen to it twice.

Day before yesterday I was reading a blog from The Godly Chic Diaries (Shout Out! Go check her out😊) called NEVER GIVE UP and it was so good and a onetime word for me and then today’s prayer service message was exactly the same. Let me tell you God is speaking. I have been going through what seems like a never ending battle and have at times been fearful, discouraged and felt like giving up so thankful for sweet friends and family who speak life and encourage me. And because God is such a cool dude He gave me a 2nd reminder in 3 days of how awesome He is. That’s how much He loves you and me.

Won’t He do it?

Won’t God bring healing to you? Me? Won’t God open the right door for you at the exact time you need it? Won’t He bring victory to our lives at the right time? That thing you’ve prayed for in secret for so long that no one knows about, won’t He bring it to pass? That miracle, that baby you’ve believed God for for so long, that financial need, whatever it is I say let’s continue to stand firm, always praying and never give up. Pray until we see our answers, our victory, our breakthrough come.

Giving up is NOT an option. Stand firm precious one!! He’s working on your behalf and mine. Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking. God never grows weary or tired of hearing from you or me.

Lord we come boldly to Your throne with praise and thanksgiving, and we worship You. We thank you for loving us and not giving up on us. I know so many struggling right now who need healing in their bodies, they need strength and peace for the pain and brokenness in their lives. Lord we ask that You move in a mighty mighty way, show yourself strong in my life and those around me. Show your glory Lord, let us walk in Your favor and blessings. We ask, we seek, we knock and we will keep on praying until our answers come and we will NEVER GIVE UP LORD! Our hope and trust is in You, the Way Maker, the Miracle Worker, and the Promise Keeper! In Jesus name, Amen🙏🏻

Love and hugs,


His Mercies Are New Every Morning

I did something I wasn’t proud of not to long ago, but what got me was how quickly shame, guilt and condemnation came rushing in. I don’t know about you but when when I do something I’m not proud of or something happens I’m not happy about, I can replay it over and over and over, and even get stuck there for days, weeks or months. Think about it, talk about it, think about it, talk about it. But this time was different. See God’s grace is a gift to each of us if we choose to receive it, it’s His free, unmerited favor for you and me.

Receive means to be given or presented with, or paid something. But what I also noticed was the synonyms of the word “receive” is to award and redeem and I love that! So for me I knew that day was going to be different. I was going choose to receive God’s grace, to be awarded and redeemed from what I had done. I didn’t have to dwell there for weeks or months all I had to do was say God forgive me and literally it was wiped clean in an instant and I didn’t wallow in the I guilt, shame and condemnation. It was like it was erased from my mind and normally I would have reminded myself of what I did, how I failed, and replayed it over and over. “See Nicole you haven’t changed at all, you’re no good, God doesn’t love you.” But those are lies straight from the pit of hell!

The faithful love of the Lord never ends. His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness, his mercies are new every morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23

So my challenge to you is wherever you find yourself today, if you’re in that pit I found myself in that day you don’t have to stay there. You can choose grace today! You can choose to be redeemed from whatever it was you did or was done to you. Great is His faithfulness and His mercies are new every morning. So choose grace today and walk in it my friend.

Remember YOU are a trophy of God’s grace and He loves you with an everlasting love and NOTHING you can do will ever change that or separate you from His love.

Big hugs,