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Let It Start With Prayer

Good morning beautiful TOG readers. What’s going on this week with y’all? Are you getting ready for your kids to go back to school? Shopping was always the fun part to me and my girls. Sadly, I don’t get to do that anymore. Mine are 27, 26, and 23. We still get our shop on just not for back to school.

Back to school time always reminds me of this, LOL!

Today is my youngest first day as a kindergarten teacher. So proud of her! She’s gonna be a great teacher.

My other daughter, who is also a teacher her kids start next week. I got to help her work on her room a little last week. So fun! She’s such a great teacher, this is her 3rd year and I couldn’t be more proud.

My other daughter teaches little ones year round. She’s a reverend as well and has such a heart for children with disabilities. Praying God opens a door for her to do just that.

Back to school time is the start of a new year for kids and your family but it can be a stressful time.


Prayer is so important! “Prayer is the link that connects you to God.” Pray for your teachers! Pray for your kids to have the right friends and make right choices.

Stand firm on God’s Word, let nothing move you precious one. Keep your kids and families covered in prayer. Days will get long and hard and you may seem like you can’t go anymore but my friend even in your darkest days God has you right in the palm of His hand. He will not loosen His hold on you. He will be right with you every step of the way. Lean into Him, for He is the Waymaker.

Big hugs,