I Will Restore

The Lord Redeems and Protects the soul of His servants.

Whatever the enemy has stolen from you or your family, He will restore!! He will take all your brokenness and piece it back together better than it ever was.

Sometimes at first it doesn’t look like it and even while its happening your thinking ‘This is not what I wanted AT ALL!’ But thank God He knows each one of us better than we know ourselves and He knows what we need and exactly when we need it. I can see this so clearly in our lives. I don’t understand at first but looking back GOD ALWAYS KNOWS BEST! His ways are higher than our ways and His plans are to prosper you not harm you, to give you a hope and future sweet friend!!

Lean on Him and trust that He will RESTORE ALL that has been lost or stolen!! He’s the God of Restoration! He will heal your brokeness because that’s just how much He loves you!!

He loves you with an EVERLASTING LOVE!

It may take some time, it may even take a long time….AND it may not look like what you thought it should be but He works ALL things out for our good and He makes ALL things new again!


Hope you guys have a blessed and wonderful day!

Big hugs,


5 thoughts on “I Will Restore”

    1. Sorry it took so long to respond, I had a procedure so I’m trying to catch up now. I appreciate you stopping by. God bless you sweetie. Big hugs🤗

  1. I am new to your blog. I think the Lord knew I needed this encouragement as I wasn’t looking for this, it just appeared on my screen! Go God! My history is so much like yours! I had to break away from my family of origin for my own recovery and create a new family of believers who are pursuing truth. Sometimes I feel so lonely and I pray for faith to trust His plan for my life. Jesus is my savior and the Holy Spirit is within each of us who have cried out for His salvation . Thank you God in advance for encouraging me and lifting my spirit…

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