Chicken Egg Roll In A Bowl

Y’all!!! This is delish and it’s so easy! It’s also gluten free, low carb, and keto friendly. Winner winner, chicken dinner🤣

Do you love Asian food? Goodness we do. We have the best Chinese restaurant here called Panda House and they have THE BEST gluten free menu! I love them!

But when I want to make something at home this is one of my go too meals.

An interesting difference is I use Coconut Aminos. What are Coconut Aminos you ask?🤔 Basically, it’s a healthy alternative to soy sauce. I have Celiacs so I can’t have gluten which is in soy sauce. Nowadays they do have gluten free soy sauce but it’s awfully salty if you ask me plus my daughter has an allergy to wheat and soy lol so that’s kinda how I came across Coconut Aminos.

Amazing benefits if you ask me! Why not give it try and start adding it to you daily meals.
(Above image borrowed from Dr. Axe)

4-5 Chicken Breast- cut bite size or shedded if you like.
2 Packages coleslaw mix
1/2 medium onion, chopped
2.5 Teaspoons mined garlic
1 Teaspoon ginger- optional
1 Scrambled egg small pieces- optional (Its very tasty)
3-4 Tablespoons Trader Joe’s or Bragg’s Aminos (To taste) OR Soy Sauce
1-2 Teaspoons rice vinegar (optional)

Cook the chicken breast until done, and cut or shred it, put to the side.
2 Tablespoons of Kerrigold butter. I put in a little bacon grease too😉 Add onions, garlic to pan and sauté.
Add coleslaw mix and cook for about 15 mins, then mix in chicken.
Add ginger, Trader Joe’s or Bragg’s Coconut Aminos, and rice vinegar (optional)
Cook another 5-10 mins.


Other varieties are using roll of Jimmy Dean HOT sausage, shrimp, or you can use a combination.

Health Tip Of The Day:

Try making 1 change this week and just be consistent with it. If you mess up it’s ok, just simply start again. Pick one and work on it till it becomes a habit.

Progress not perfection.

– Drinking half your weight in water for one week.

-Exercising or walking 20-30 minutes 3 days for one week.

– Cutting out sugar for one week.

Have a great day!

Big hugs,


7 thoughts on “Chicken Egg Roll In A Bowl”

  1. That looks really good😋. Great tips on beginning a healthy regime for your physical being. That’s something I really struggle with ( eating healthy ). Pepsi is my guilty pleasure 🤫 but I’m praying for self-discipline to start drinking more water. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you❤

    1. Oh girl! It’s so good. I always put a little extra coconut aminos on top 😋
      Lol I can relate, I’m a Dr. Pepper fan🤣 I’m also praying the same thing and for God to change my desires🙏🏻 God bless you sweetie 💗

  2. Alright now Nicole, this ain’t fair. Some drool dribbles just hit my keyboard! 🤣 This looks ridiculously tasty…and simple. THAT is my favorite combination!

    I love that you taught me something today too. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to things and these coconut aminos sound amazing. I am definitely going to be trying these out. Thank you my friend! 🤗

    LOVE this from you too: “Progress not perfection.” AMEN! You nailed it Nicole. Perfection is a poison and we’ve got to rid our lives of it.

    Love you sis. You always make me smile! 🌷

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