Spiritual Warefare

Hey y’all! Today I thought I’d touch on a topic that needs to desperately be talked about. Whether you realize it or not we are in battle. There is spiritual warefare going around us everyday. You can try and brush it off all you want but that doesn’t make it go away and it doesn’t make your enemy any less real. He has a plan and purpose and that’s to destroy you, your marriage, and your families.

For most of my life the enemy has come after me in some way, shape, or form to keep me quiet and shut me up but I will not be silent!! I will FULFILL the call on my life. I may get tired but just like my God I will NOT RELENT. I WILL BE AND HAVE EVERYTHING GOD HAS FOR ME. I WILL FIGHT AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL!

If you hadn’t noticed, there is some intense spiritual warefare going on right now my friends. The enemy is working overtime because he KNOWS his days are numbered and he knows WE ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY! He is just trying to distract us and make us think we don’t.

Sweet friend, God is working behind the scenes….even when you can’t see it. He’s working when you can’t feel it.

Sometimes all hell just breaks loose and you don’t know why and sometimes you don’t know what to do. But Imma tell you what to do……PRAISE HIM AND SPEAK THE WORD!! You praise Him till you see your breakthrough. You speak the Word over your circumstances until you see the VICTORY!!

Here’s what I know, I enemy is real! He wants to steal, kill, and destroy! And when you make a decision to get free or step out to do what God has called you to do….he ain’t gonna roll out the red carpet for you. Nope! It will be a battle! You are gonna have to fight my friend! Get in the Word, declare the Word, and you PRAISE HIM till you see your victory.


Father God, you see what’s going on around us, in my family and my friends lives and I ask You to intervene on our behalf. You are mighty God, my Rock, my Healer, my Deliverer, my everything. I am nothing without You. Your Word is life changing, bondage breaking, victorious, and it cannot return void. You know my heart, my troubles. I ask You to perfect that which concerns me. Right now I bind the enemy and command him to go back to the fiery pits of hell where he came from and his plots and schemes for our families and marriages are annihilated in JESUS name! You have NO PLACE HERE! LORD help us to walk in Your ways, help us to do and say what you’d have us to do. Help us to stand firm and not be moved by what we see or hear but to have a deep knowing in our hearts that You are at work on our behalf. You work ALL things, not some but ALLLL thing out for our good in Jesus name.

Devil you hear me NOW….you cannot have our marriages or our families. I declare freedom from addictions right now. I declare healing from sickness, disease, and cancer right now! I declare freedom from shame, guilt, and condemnation! I come against suicidal thoughts right now and declare you will live, God has a plan for you precious one!! Right now I plead the blood of Jesus over each person reading this, over my family, my marriage, and my friends and decree and declare that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER, in Jesus mighty name, Amen! 💗🙏🏻

King of Glory, fill this place
King of Healing, fill this place
King of my peace, fill this place
King of my joy, fill this place
You hold the power
King of Power, King of Glory