You Are The God Who Sees Me

“I Am the God who sees you!”

God says:

“I see whats going on in your life precious one…

That thing that no one knows about.

I see how you keep on pressing on, when it looks as if nothing will change.

I see your pain.

I see your tears.

I see the struggles that go on behind closed doors.

I see the prayers you’ve prayed.

I say NOW is the time to lean into Me, and remember I have overcome the world. Nothing is to big for Me!

Now is the time to give it ALL to Me.

Now is the time for healing.

Now is the time for forgiveness.

Now is the time for FREEDOM.

Precious one, I am close to the brokenhearted.

I long to bring healing to the broken places of your life and your past.

To the physical abuse you suffered from childhood…

A broken relationship…

A marriage that needs healing…

Sexual abuse that no one knows about….

The unborn child you’ve longed for…

An abortion you had because you thought it was the only answer…

The cruel words spoken over you, the words that you believed….

The things you’ve done to yourself…

Sweet friend, if your in dark pit and can’t see your way out…Call out to God and He WILL answer you.

He will rescue you.

He will protect you.

You are His Beloved, and despite what happened or what you’ve done GOD LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.

You are not your past mistakes, you have been remade.

YOU are loved.

YOU are chosen.

YOU are forgiven.

YOU are redeemed.

YOU are equipped.

YOU are blessed and highly favored.

And…YOU have purpose!

He is the God who sees you!

Big hugs,


7 thoughts on “You Are The God Who Sees Me”

  1. yes and amen 🙂 Love this my friend. You are not your past mistakes, you have been remade.’ this statement made my day; what a wonderful reminder, when the enemy whispers in our head, all our wrongdoings. thank you

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