Glimpse At Our Weekend At LoveLife Conference

Y’all! I just have to brag on my sweet girls. This past Christmas my girls got me tickets to Joyce Meyer women’s conference but not only that they got them for all 4 of us!

Growing up I use to alternate taking them to her Women’s Conference in St. Louis but my dream was when they got older was for us all to go together….they made that little dream come true.

Notice that “Expenses Paid” part LOL. They blessed my socks off!😇😇😇

The conference was amazing! It was about “Unleash the Warrior within.”

We had fantastic seats as well.

This Is Amazing Grace- Phil Wickham

Mack Brock, Phil Wickham, and Bryan & Katie Torwalt -Do It Again

Snippet of Joyce praying before we start. POWERFUL!🙏🙌🔥

Snippet from Joyce preaching.

Photo Creds: Joyce Meyer Ministry’s

Snippet from Holly Wagner

Snippet from Dr. Henry Cloud.

We also got to sneak in a dinner with my Aunt and Uncle that lives there in Charleston.

It was such an awesome trip and incredible time in the Lord. You might be able to go back at the live-streams. It’s worth checking out, it will absolutely bless you and give you hope!

Hope y’all have a wonderful week! God bless you always!

Big hugs,


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