Wake Up And Be Awesome

Good morning sweet readers! How is your weekend going? Do you have plans? Our daughter is home from college and her fiancé is here visiting from Franklin. We are working on wedding stuff some as well. I also have 2 of my grand pups since Thursday, as well as Brinley who I’ve had about 2 weeks, that’s always fun. Yesterday I taught the puppy to shake and lay down.

This Max the puppy.

Below is my other grand pup, Brinley. I’ve had her for a couple weeks now, for some reason she likes to get on my tables. We call her the table meister 😂🙈🤦🏼‍♀️

Done rambling……This is just your friendly reminder to wake up and be AWESOME today go out in your world and contaminate as many people as you can with your pearly whites!! 😬

Sweet one, just in case no ones told you lately, you are beautiful, awesome, talented, creative, favored, blessed, righteous, forgiven, and wonderfully made. So go walk in it. I hope you have a great weekend!! 😊👊💗😘

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗

15 thoughts on “Wake Up And Be Awesome”

      1. Awwww, I have a cutie pooch too. And cats!! Awwww, yes, I look forwards to grands too but that’s decades away still. 🤗💖💚🐶🐶🐕

  1. Oh Niki, thank you for sharing these photos. Our boys want a dog so badly. It’s just not the right time yet. I may he getting a part-timd job soon. May God bless you and your grand dogs!

    1. I love my doggos! We had 4 and lost 2 over the last 3 yrs. so I only have the big black one and the little white now. But I have 3 grand pups as well, they fill my heart💗 God bless you sweetie 🤗

      1. Thank you. I’ve been actually working on a tribute to her tonight, since she passed 3 years ago this month. Will post it sometime soon. I’m gonna include Dixie and Zeus as well.

        Writing about funny stories, bringing back all those memories. Now my eyes are red and leaking lol 😂😭 Miss them so much.

        Take care, big hugs🙏🏻💗

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