There’s No Way Around Pain…Feel It And Move Through It

There’s no way around pain…you gotta feel it and move THROUGH it. Your pain has a purpose. So often we try to bandaid our pain and numb it or stuff it instead of feeling it. We all deal with pain differently….tv, alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, shopping, etc. All these do is mask the pain.

How do you deal with pain?

Do you you try to mask your pain?

Have you been self medicating your pain in some way?

Pain causes us discomfort and fear. But precious one life is full of pain that’s meant to be felt…”When you numb your pain you also numb your JOY.” Move THROUGH it.

God wants to heal you everywhere you hurt. So the next time your tempted to stuff or numb your pain remember we have Savior who knows what it feels like to be pierced, crushed, chastised, and abandoned. He overcame and you to can to if you go to the Source of healing.

Feel the brokenness and allow it to do it’s perfect work in you.

“I loved you at your darkest.” Romans’ 5:8

It’s so important to acknowledge your pain. I know it causes discomfort and yes the tears may come but that’s not bad, it’s healing for your soul.

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

Tears heal our heart and help us see things more clearly, and yet it’s one of things I’ve struggled so much with. See growing up I had to be “stronger” and more “grown up” than others my age and my feelings weren’t as important to others in my life. I quickly learned that my job was to make them happy and feel better about themselves at all cost. So I learned to stuff them soooo far down….thus an eating disorder was birthed. When we are not permitted to be who God created us to or feel what we feel without being ridiculed, controlled or manipulated, it does detrimental things to how we deal and view life in general.

First I’ll say my mom did the best she could given how she grew up and the things she learned that were wrong and dysfunctional. I KNOW IT in my heart but it doesn’t make it any easier. If we don’t allow our children to be children and all we do is control and manipulate, then we set our children up for failure and an EXTREMELY difficult life. One of people pleasing and one that makes others feeling more important, meanwhile yours gets stuffed down further and further and you become less and less.

Growing up with a parent with untreated personality disorders is extremely difficult. Everything is about them and nothing about you. Their feelings are the most important and if you don’t follow suit then your life will be miserable as well…..This will be a later post.

So now for me, I’m learning to set healthy boundaries and learning to feel the pain, feel my emotions…..NOT be led by them but feel them instead of stuffing or numbing myself from them. See as a child I learned that pain and fear were to be avoided at all costs but what I’m learning now is life can be full of pain and feeling that pain is good for me because it also helps me to experience and see JOY as well.

So sweet one, there’s no way around pain, we can put it off for weeks, months or even years but at some point you gotta feel it and move THROUGH it because on the other side is your healing, freedom and JOY!

Father God, your word promises when I draw near to You, You will draw near to me. I want to dwell in the secret place. Help me feel the pain and move through it because on the other side is freedom, healing and joy. Help me to help others on this journey I’m on. I don’t want my pain and tears to be wasted, I want Your glory to be seen in my life. Tear down the walls that keep me in fear and bondage. Help me to rejoice and be stable in the storm. I declare I will trust You in the midst of my pain, for You Oh Lord are my Rock, my Shelter, my Deliverer and a ever present help in time of need. You cause ALL THINGS to work for my good. I love You and praise You and believe that You are a good good Father who only wants what’s best for His children. May Your glory be seen in my life, in Jesus name, Amen!

Big hugs,


9 thoughts on “There’s No Way Around Pain…Feel It And Move Through It”

  1. I really appreciate this writing! I’m actually learning this now. It’s ok for me to feel pain and express hurt feelings instead of trying to cover it up and be “strong”. Dealing with the pain is what brings healing. When we begin to heal, that’s when we become stronger.

    1. Same here sweetie. I’m learning it’s ok to not be ok. Only child raised in alcoholism and a mom with personality disorder my life was beyond chaotic Unlearning is hard but sure beats the alternative. I’m so thankful God has shown me a new way and is so patient with me. He’s such a good good Father💗 God bless you sweetie🤗

      1. Yes so very thankful that He is a good Father. My Dad suffered from alcoholism as well. Definitely no picnic. Thank God for His grace!

      2. I went to Alanon years ago and it truly changed my life. I’m so thankful God has been working in me over the years so my daughters know different than I did. God is so good and faithful💗🙌🏻

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