Help Me Endure

Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Endure like Jesus did precious one, sometimes it’s just exactly what you need to hear. That’s what being in the Word and daily devotions can do for you. Helps you overcome and renew your mind.

I’ve been really struggling here lately, feeling very overwhelmed every which way I turn. Have you ever been there? Maybe you’re there now….well you’re in good company sweet one.

It could be just normal everyday stress, loss of a loved one, financial stress, health issues, something bad someone spoke over you and you got in agreement with, or even the actions of another that caused undue stress or problems…..Or a combination of things.

I feel like the crappy Number 3 Combo of French Onion Soup with a blob of nastiness in it that nobody wants….ANNNND WITHOUT the yummy side of Frosty and fries, LOL!

Life is just hard and sometimes we have to grieve the loss of something not even necessarily the physical loss of person but it could the loss of what you can’t do physically anymore or the loss of a relationship. Any number of things.

I was in a bad accident when I was in high school messed me up pretty good. Sitting at a red light minding my own business and BAM!! I was hit from behind. I saw it all fixing to happen, everything was in slow motion, nothing I could do. I’m watching this girl playing around with her boyfriend and then next thing I know I’m in the middle of intersection with oncoming traffic. It was a miracle I wasn’t killed.

Turns out she was someone I knew from high school. In that instant things changed because of someone’s carelessness. I recovered, got some monies but no one told me years down the road ALL the trouble I would have from that wreck. I don’t have to go into detail of all problems, all I need to say is I’ve suffered GREAT pain! Endless pain and not of my own doing and yet I have to deal with it everyday.

So for me in order to keep on keeping on, I have to do lots of things to keep myself functioning. I use essential oils, physical therapy, chiropractor, stretches, INF Unit, supplements and water aerobics. Through it all I’ve learned SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO DO AND SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS THAT JUST AREN’T FAIR, and that’s just life.

Recently I’ve had a situation that caused me great pain, and nothing of my own doing. Nothing I could do but now I have to remove myself from that situation and do my best to allow God to bring healing to my heart and mind.

I’ve always been good under stress go, go, go, and go but when it’s over or no one is around here comes a bucket of tears. That happened while I was down with grandmother this past week. Looking back it was a little funny. With any kind of situation like that, emotions are high, everyone’s tired and on edge. Well after my Aunt and Uncle left to go get rest, I was staying the night, I just sat in the dark and wept while my grandmother slept. Of course, in comes A.J. the nurse, such a sweet soul. He’s like “Are you ok?” My response “I’m good!” Comes back in a few mins later “Are you sure you’re ok, you wanna talk?” Thinking oh goodness you DON’T want to know all my Jerry Springer😂

I had to run back to my grandmothers house to get some stuff and food, I get back and they’ve locked the front doors….Are you kidding me right now???? So now I have to walk allllllll the way around heaving all my stuff and go through the ER. (FYI, Before I headed down there I found out I have to have neck surgery again and tried to do a block to hold off….at this point block is no good and this does NOT please me at all!)

Needless to say, by the time I go back up to her room I was in excruciating pain, I sat in the chair while Moma was sleeping and cried some more and yes as luck would have it A.J. the nurse walks back in and sees me crying😂😂😂 I’m like this poor guy thinks I’m just a big crybaby! I told him I wasn’t upset any more I was hurting now, lol and like really I hardly ever cry. I’m sure he thought “Right!?!?!” But ya know it was so refreshing to my soul. While my problems didn’t change, my heart felt refreshed and I could see things better and after a while with my heating pad and some ice my neck and arm felt better. Moma was none the wiser.

I’ve had to endure much in my life, as many of you. I didn’t have a stable home life, several different step fathers, sexual abuse, grew up in alcoholism, heath issues and eating disorder. We’ve all got our issues but one thing I’d say about myself is it may take minute but I have learned to keep going and not camp in the mess. God gives us some kinda spiritual Ummmph! If we just don’t give up. Take the time to grieve and process things, cry if you need too but precious one GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTIONS! I will preserve, I will prolly cry some more and it’s ok. We are overcomers! It will be hard and painful I know but God says YOU are anointed for hard my friend!

You are anointed for hard….

All that to say ENDURE sweet friend, keep on, don’t give up! The devil is under your feet!!

The cross had 2 sides, the crucifixion side and the resurrection side. Jesus had to endure one side to get to the other….

My friend that’s exactly what we have to do too. Sometimes we are dealt stinky circumstances beyond our control, just like Jesus we have to sometimes endure bad things. But Hebrews 12:2 says that Jesus, for the joy of obtaining the prize of the cross, the resurrection, endured the pain.

We have to endure the pain as well.

I love Joyce Meyer definition of ENDURE is to outlast he devil!!

We gotta be steadfast long enough to let the trial do whatever it’s going to do in our lives and get from one side of the cross to the other!!

Precious one YOU have resurrection power life on the inside of you to endure whatever it is your going through so keep on, press on, and don’t give up!!

Endure like Jesus.

My heart will be steadfast because I KNOW that You are good💗

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗

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