Going Through The Storm

My husband and I just let for Las Vegas Sunday for a business trip, mixed with fun and pleasure💑

Our plane ride was so rocky, the pilot came over the intercom and told us we were gonna have a rocky ride 30 mins a couple different times because there were storms and snow and we had to go through some of it. If you know me, flying it not my favorite but I’m always up traveling 😉 I usually say a prayer, listen to my music or watch a movie.

The picture above was one were we had descended some. You could see where the storm had been. It was beautiful.

That one statement just really resonated with me. “We have to go through the storm.” And isn’t that just what we need to do in life? We often have to go through storms if life. Sometimes God removes the problem or situation but more often than not……we gotta go through!

I wish I could say if you decide to follow Jesus your life will be easy and you’ll have no problems but I can’t!

“You can be both in the center of God’s will, and still in a storm.” Tony Evans

We live in a fallen world so it doesn’t exempt us just because we are followers of Christ we won’t have trials. Let me assure you that when the trials come you don’t have to go through them alone. God is with you ALWAYS!!

So instead of focusing on the problem or situation we need to focus on God’s promises! My friend, ALL of God’s promises are YES and AMEN!!

“Never let the presence of a storm cause you to doubt the presence of the Lord.”

Hang in the sweet one! God is with you….ALWAYS!

Big hugs,



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