Beauty For Ashes

When life just seems to be one struggle after another, keep hanging in there, keep pressing in. These trials are for a purpose. They are not to harm you but to purify you, to grow and change you more into His image. He wants us to learn from them and grow closer to Him in the process.

Remember if you let Him do a work in you HE WILL RESTORE what the enemy has stolen and tried to destroy in your life, marriage, health, finances, everything!! He WILL give you beauty for ashes! But in order for that to happen you have to seek Him, surrender to Him, walk in his ways and He WILL WORK ALL THINGS OUT FOR YOUR GOOD!! 💗

You may not have had a good childhood and what your living in right now might not look good either. But God….He’s word says I will give you beauty for ashes, praise for your despair beautiful one. Invite Him in he wants to heal you every where you hurt. He wants to bring restoration to you. He wants to do great and mighty things in your life, things you can’t even comprehend. He’s rewriting your story precious one. His GLORY will be manifested in your life, and what the devil meant to harm and to destroy God will work to your good! You are victorious, an overcomer… never give up.

You are NOT a problem but answer to problem in this world!!

You are awesome and wonderfully made, never doubt that sweet friend!💕💗💕

Big hugs,


Please enjoy the song by David Brymer – Restoration


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