Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy Thanksgiving y’all😊 Hope y’all are having a wonderful day!

I love the holidays. The aroma of all the holiday food fills the air, tickling our tastebuds. My hunky man sneaks in the kitchen and steals a deviled egg or 2….or 3 and acts as if he has no idea where it went, lol😂 Same thing every year.

There’s something about a dining room table that just makes my heart happy. Not just the beautiful place settings and decor but the friends and loved ones who gather round it. We eat, we laugh, we reminisce, and play games.

I have so many memories centered around the dining room table. The smell of cinnamon in the air. My grandmother use to make these HUGE feasts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always made oyster dressing, that was the one thing I could do without🙊 But every year she’d put it on my plate. In my little eyes everything else was perfect just like what you see on tv. Everyone talking and laughing….me shoving all the peanut butter balls in my mouth😂 You could just feel the love💗

But there’s also the other side, being raised in alcoholism, not every holiday was perfect. I also remember the chaos and craziness as well. Maybe you experienced the same thing or are still experiencing it. If that’s you I’m so sorry and I totally relate. The fights, being afraid and hiding. It can taint you for the rest of your life if your not careful. That’s why you have to choose forgiveness for yourself not others and live your life with a grateful heart.

For me it’s been a long road to overcome some things of the past but going to Alanon (a place for people who have someone in their life with a drinking problem.) also got Christian counseling and on the daily allow God to change me from the inside out. He’s so good and faithful.

I guess that’s why I try give my family a wonderful holiday, healthy, safe environment, and a healthy me, not JUST on the holidays but EVERY DAY. I don’t want them to have some of the memories that I have. The best gift you can give is a healthy YOU!

I’ve learned to be thankful in ALL things! Even when all my circumstances aren’t perfect. Do I get it right all the time? No, of course not but now it doesn’t take as long to get me there, praise God🙌🏻

Living with a thankful heart is something we have to do on purpose. It may not come easy and that’s ok, just start small there’s nothing wrong with that. Find something you are thankful for. A shower, your bed, children, pets, house, vehicle, food, toilet paper 😜 or coffee. Anything…..just begin somewhere my friend and do it daily.

Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful and I’m so thankful for so much.

My Jesus would top the list.

My hunky man and all my family, near and far.

My doggos.

My home that gives me shelter and safety.

My favorite oversized chair and blanket.

My friends and small groups.

Our military who fights and protects us.



Doctors who take care of me.

Running water, hot water.

Just to name of few.

I know the holidays can be tough, depression can be a real issue. Loved ones gone, marriages fallen no apart, kids gone astray, or your health might not be very good. But you are never alone precious one. God is with you always! He will never leave you or forsake you. He’s there durning hard time, chaotic times, and great times. He wants you to give him all your heartache and pain. Cling my to Him! He will give you beauty for ashes. But you have to let go of the ashes!

If you allow God this can be a turning point in your life. The loneliness, your unfulfilled desires, all the undue stress, and anything else you maybe experiencing. God can change it all. But I’ve found sometimes he’s waiting on us. It’s not just all his job we have an active part to play.

Connect with friends and loved ones.

Look around and do something for someone in need. I love to do things in secret.

Go to church, find a small group.

Celebrate the little things.

Set boundaries.

Get enough rest, exercise, and “mostly” 😜 eat healthy all of that plays a roll in how you feel physically and mentally.

Speak words of affirmation over yourself, family, and situations.

Get in agreement with Gods word, claim his promises.

Be thankful and Say so!

What are some things you are thankful for? What memories do you have? What traditions does your family have? I’d love to hear them.

I appreciate each and every one of y’all for supporting me. YOU are a blessing! I pray Gods bless you and shine His face on you and your family. May you feel His presence in your life so strong. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Big hugs,


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Y’all”

  1. Awesome, amen! We are having a great Thanksgiving! We were just watching the Macy’s Parade and eating cinnamon rolls! I am very thankful for my wife and kids and to be getting some much needed rest! God bless you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

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