Celiacs and the Holidays😳

Not sure if anyone else shares my same feelings about this but I have found holidays give me a little anxiety when it comes to food and going to someone’s house.

My hubby has been in retail management for almost 30 years and holidays are always work, work, work and we couldn’t go anywhere for the holidays. But this year my hubby started a new job still in retail but different and waaay better. Weekends off, all holidays, really was a huge blessing to our family.

As happy as it makes me he was always our reason we couldn’t go anywhere, this year he’s is not so alllllll the family is asking for us to come here, come there. Now I’m feeling anxious because none of them know how to prepare food for Celiacs. My adult children also have wheat, soy, and potato allergy so throw all that in and it’s just really difficult and people get aggravated when you say “No I can’t have that, No, we can’t eat that, or that either.” You can just see their eyes rolling.

So I’m thinking do I have to prepare a whole meal to take with me and drive a few hours away? Which I guess is a solution it still stresses me out. Lol😂 People just don’t understand and sometimes honestly don’t care to know.

I’ve have a handful of friends who have learned to do gluten free and soy free, all the cross contamination precautions, etc. and truly blessed my socks off. It showed me how much they loved me and my family when our own family wouldn’t.

So how do you cope with the holidays? Would love to hear some of your advice or solutions you’ve tried.

Big hugs,


6 thoughts on “Celiacs and the Holidays😳”

  1. Yes, we deal with the same thing due to Celiac. I have it and so do the kids. We make all of our own food and bring it. I can’t even eat gluten free foods that have been processed in a facility with wheat, so we are very careful. I can’t have cross contamination like that. It has to be fully gluten free made in a gluten free facility. We don’t have family close, so we don’t go anywhere for the holidays. I feel you on that and I understand though. Most people don’t understand Celiac and they don’t care. I pray there is more knowledge and awareness of the disease. God bless

    1. Same situation here, cross contamination is a big issue. If I get glutenized I get so sick. I don’t worry abt that at home ya know my kitchen is safe.

      I’m thinking we can’t go for Thanksgiving now our daughter is a majorette for Auburn and she has to go back early for the Ironbowl.
      Thank But I’ll have to figure out something for over Christmas though😳
      God bless you my friend! 🙏🏻

  2. 🦋 I’m anaphilatic to wheat and citrus/ My husband is allergic to seafood…(but he’s also a picky eater) so any meal can be a nightmare. We mostly have fresh and gluten free everything but I never make any non-GFers eat GF bread/dinner rolls or pasta.

    It works mostly but most people still don’t invite us to eat at their house now. There are those tough who will make the effort and will include me in the planning. 😀

    To be honest, I don’t find feeding a crowd a problem. It’s all in the planning. I actually prefer being the hostess. If any guest has a different allergy, I cater for them too.

    It’s really not the allergic person who is the problem. It’s those who don’t have an allergy. Until it happens to them, or one of their immediate family members (child, spouse etc) they just don’t understand.

    1. Bless you! I’m the same way, I would rather people come to my house then I know I don’t have to worry abt any mishaps or cross contamination.
      You are so on point abt others that don’t have allergies. I find they seem to get super aggravated. I say I sure hope it doesn’t happen to you…..then you’ll know how it feels.

      Thanks for stopping by sweetie! 💗

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