Praise Him In All Things.

Are still waiting on your breakthrough? Don’t give up, its on the way!! Just because you don’t see anything happening in the natural, that doesn’t mean God isn’t working. Right now God is working behind the scenes in everyone’s life. God word says He is CONSTANTLY at work in the beleivers life. Keep calling it forth and praise Him that its already done!

Praise precedes the VICTORY!

Praise Him in ALL things and in ALL times no matter what it looks like. You gotta look to the supernatural realm, and call those things that be not as though they are!!

God is fighting your battle, He’s going before you making the crooked places straight, AMEN!!

You have to trust and have confidence in God that He is working ALL things out for your good!!

No man can stand against our MIGHTY GOD!! God WILL get you where your suppose to be!

I declare you are walking in your destiny and all of God’s plans for your life!! I bind the enemy and all his plans and schemes he’s set for you, they are null and void in Jesus name!! We call forth VICTORY, FREEDOM, HEALING, FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, DELIVERANCE, SELF DISCIPLINE AND ALL THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT TO BE FULLY ALIVE IN YOU! YOU are more than a conqueror, YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!! YOU ARE A MIGHTY WARRIOR, DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!! NOW WALK IN IT. CLAIM IT! KEEP CALLING THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY ARE!! In Jesus name, Amen!

NEVER GIVE UP, THOSE THINGS WILL COME TO PASS. I am seeing things come to pass right before my very eyes, things I have prayed for SOOOOOOO MANY YEARS!!! But I’m also still waiting for things. We just have to trust God, do good, and wait with expectancy. He is faithful my friend!! He is so good so keep hanging in there.

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗

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