People Pleasing

I have struggled a lot with people pleasing for most of my life but over the last few yrs I have gotten much freedom in that area. Sadly, I have found myself back in that place here recently. Not a good place for me but at least I recognized it and then I had to have the courage to change it. That’s where that nasty fear comes in, but God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Are you doing things to please God or others?

When I found myself in that place of pleasing others it was very overwhelming and caused much distress in me and I couldn’t focus on anything. Fear was all consuming and was leading me to make wrong decisions.

What do you do when God tells you to do something that others don’t like or understand?

I have been a great people pleaser in the past so I have to work extremely hard to make sure I’m doing what’s right for me and KNOW that it may not be liked by others.

I have made decisions or not made decisions because I was fearful of what others might think, even when I knew God wanted me to do something. Im not proud of that but it’s true. Have you found yourself in that same situation?

God wants to set you free from the chains that bind you! His Word says “He who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!!!”

You are free from the power of sin! From the power of manipulation and control! Free from people pleasing, free from what others think about you! You are free from comparing yourself to others or what the world says you should be or look like. You are free from selfishness and legalism.

My friend do what’s right for YOU and don’t worry about other peoples judgement. They don’t know what God told you and yes it might not be popular with others but that’s ok. Step out and DO IT AFRAID. You be you! You will answer for you not others.

You are free to be YOU, the person God created you to be, not what others want you to be. Some people want to put you in a box but God says you are FREE……FREE……FREE!!!!



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