Share Your Story

Share your story because someone needs to hear it. Today I got to encourage another woman that she was not alone and that she was going to make it, and that’s exactly what she needed to hear. Those things you’ve been through as a mom, wife, a friend, etc they weren’t for nothing. God wants to use them to help others.

You may be in a hurry but God placed that person in your path for a reason and when they start talking about what they are going through, there it is! You realize you’ve been there, but will you take the time to share your experience, strength, and hope? Or will you rush off to your next thing? I choose right today, and while I as able to encourage her and even made her laugh at my expense lol it also encouraged me because I knew I was exactly where God wanted me to be. I knew it was helping her to share my story, sharing His love and hope.

It may not be a big huge ordeal to you but to the person that’s going through it, it’s a HUGE MOUNTAIN!! It may even just be a small thing or a lot of small things, it makes no difference. Sometimes people just need to be encouraged and loved on or even a hug and to know they are gonna make it. So let me just say to you my friend, you are gonna make it so hang in there. Don’t give up!

Someone needs to hear your story to hear your words of encouragement, and to see you’ve made it through and there is hope for them.

See you have something somebody else needs and nobody else can be you, so “YOU BE YOU” and God will set up the rest. So go out and change your world sweet one.

Big hugs,


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