5 Things Single Women Must Realize Before Getting Married  

Excellent read, I know she’s speaking to “All the single ladies” LOL but we’ve been married 27 years and there’s so much truth in this and it speaks to us married folks too. Check it out! Great job sweetie!

Justified And Redeemed

I have written many encouraging posts on marriage, but I was having a conversation with my mom yesterday about the “not so pretty things” that are in marriage and also about things that many don’t want to talk about. Getting married is wonderful, having a man to love and start a family with brings a great sense of joy, and having wedding photos are great as well, but the change God wants from us is something people do not talk about.

If you think you’ll get just married in a spiritual state that is messy, chaotic, and not well-watered, then you will not find the man that you dream of. Getting married can happen to anyone, but having a godly marriage is another subject that takes two people dedicated to God. Having a broken, back-burner type faith isn’t going to lead you into a lasting marriage that is grounded in…

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