Call Those Things That Be Not as Though They Are

Recently I was complaining to God about something and as clearly as I could tell you I heard “You are complaining about this and speaking negative about the situation NOW speak life, speak to that situation what you want it to be. Call those things that be not as though they are.” Bam, slap upside the head!😂 I know to do this but in that moment I choose to complain and be negative.

Isn’t it funny how we can speak to our mountains, speak life to the situation with somethings but with certain things they can be such a struggle. Which begs the question of why? For me I think it was because I wasn’t trusting God in the situation. I felt weary and tired and maybe just maybe I could fix it better. Lol…isn’t that funny? As if I know more and can do better than God. We think we can control or fix a situation that we really have no business messing with. We don’t see the whole picture like God does. He knows way more than we do. He knows what we need and when we need it. He is aligning things behind the scene that you cannot see. Trusting Him can be hard, I get it I struggle with it in certain things myself but trusting him is the only way.

So what do you do when the trial comes? Do you do like I did in that moment and complain, focus on the problem instead of looking to the One who can fix?

How do you respond or react when the trial comes? It all matters.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds….” James 1:2

Trials WILL come, we are not promised a life with no trials. But it’s how we handle it when they do come, THAT is what matters and what’s the deciding factor of whether we go around the mountain one more time. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of going around the same stupid mountain! I want to get it right.

What if you looked at trials as blessings instead of something awful and negative in your life. What if your pain, shame, heartache, the tears you’ve cried, the habit you’ve struggled with, the person you’ve prayed for that hasn’t changed….WHAT IF the purpose is draw closer to God, to know him more intimately, and to help you grow and change more into His image?

In my experience it’s been through the fire, through the trials I’ve grown closer to God, I’ve trusted Him more, and I have been refined by the fire. I choose to believe our trials are blessings in disguise.

Whatever it is He works all things out for our good. No weapon formed against you will prosper. He’s not looking to harm you but to give you hope and future. So trust in him, cling to Him during the trials. He’s got you my friend. He will never leave you nor forsake you, he will not relax His hold on you. He sees you and knows what your going through and wants to help carry you through to the other side. Don’t get stuck in the middle of your trial and camp there, keep pressing through because breakthrough is on the other side.

Remember YOU are a Trophy of Grace precious one and God loves you with an everlasting love. Be blessed!

Big hugs,

Nicole 💗

Click the link below and enjoy the song Blessings from Laura Story.

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