I’d Walk Through Hell For You: Truth For When You’re In The Struggle

So good! Love her heart. Check it out!😊

Carry The Fire

Do you ever have one of those days (or seasons) where you keep getting hit with one low blow after another. Maybe the blows are trivial annoyances; like dropping your freshly made iced coffee on the concrete the moment you step outside. Or maybe they’re a full on heartbreak that leaves you completely wrecked emotionally, spiritually, and physically; like finding out the baby you had prayed for no longer has a heart beat. Whatever the case may be – I can almost guarantee that the feelings these events produce in each of us is nearly the exact same, and it flat out, sucks.

I witnessed someone I love dearly go through the process of walking through a painful, messy situation that had left her feeling angry, unsure, and deeply hurt. I went for a drive with her and as we sat in the car, she explained to me everything that…

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