Dream Big & Shine On


Tonight I sit and ponder how we go thru seasons of life and for half my life I’ve been a mom and wife. That was my job, sometimes thankless, sometimes really hard, but the rewards definitely out way the tough times. In the last 8 months I’ve been pushed into a season that I was dreading, scared, and certainly NOT READY FOR!! But funny how times goes on, our kids grow up, leave the nest……Some might say NOW WHAT LORD???

image.I know that was me for sure!! Tears will be shed and I mean A LOT!! Cus letting go of ours babies is painful but seeing them grow up into precious godly young women warms my heart and I couldn’t be more proud of our 3 beautiful girls.
I was at loss with what to do with my self but God puts dreams and visions in our hearts, sometimes life and circumstances dim them so I encourage you, kids home or not, DREAM AGAIN!! God is NOT done with you! “Empty Nester parents”, God is not done with you. “Stay at home moms” who feel like if I see one more dirty diaper!!! Or if they don’t pick up there toys or stop arguing I may explode!!!😱




I remember those days so well. But just know these are seasons and parenting is THE HARDEST JOB OUT THERE!! Also the MOST IMPORTANT and REWARDING! But know matter wherever you are on this journey God is NOT done with you yet. It may feel like but I promise you He’s not!! You have gifts and talents in you that need to be birthed. I won’t lie the birthing process is painful, much like birthing a child. What are your dreams? Desires? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do it start? I believe God is stirring in folks, don’t resist or shrink back in fear. Press on precious one!! Do what you were born to do. You were born for such a time is this.

Much love💗 and SHINE ON!! ✨✨



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